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25 Years as a Therapist

By February 3, 2019September 15th, 20214 Comments

What do you remember from February 1994?

Sir John Major was our Prime Minister; The Yugoslav war was continuing; BMW brought over Rover and it was the time before the National Lottery!

The song of that month was D:Ream – Things can only get better (did you sing that? Sorry you now have that song going round your head…)

And I qualified in my first complementary therapy, aromatherapy – I am celebrating 25 years as a therapist this month. It only feels a short time when doing something you love.

Look out for 25 fun therapy related facts over the month of February over on my Facebook page – Moonbeam Therapies & Training and ask to join my group.

As I reflect on the 25 years my first question was ‘If I’d known then the journey it would take to get to this point would I have done it?’ Maybe not, it would have felt too daunting. BUT I wouldn’t have met the wonderful people I have over all those years that have encouraged me to keep going, believed in me and what I do (not always easy as a complementary therapist), turned up each month for their appointments, asked me to deliver groups and training. The journey has had many ups and downs, highs and lows these experiences (good and bad) have shaped me, my outlook on life and how I view the world I live in and I thank every single one of you that has made me who I am today and the future me…

It really is good job you never really get to decide what is ahead of you, it could mean that you miss out on something wonderful or life changing, sometimes trusting the universe and going with the flow can be the best policy J

Why did I start?

After looking after my son full time for the first 2 years of his life as a single parent, a friend nudged me to go back into education and learn something new, the 12 hours shift pattern as a nurse wasn’t going to fit as I had no childcare. I thought at the time I could make money out of aromatherapy and massage – ha that was so far removed from the truth back then! But persistence, determination, tears, laughter, hard work, sacrifice and help from friends and family all had a part to play in my journey.

Today I am a sole trader running a profitable business, I run the British Homeopathic Clinic in Edinburgh and am currently penning my first book on Complementary Therapies for Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and babies and children due out 2020.

It has taken 25 years for the business to come together into what it is today and I look forward to 25 more years of working with people to help them achieve their optimum health and well-being.

There is always a warm welcome and a smile waiting at Moonbeam Therapies, why not book a session and see the difference it can make to you…