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As a Holistic Fertility Specialist I like to look at the whole picture, male and female/sperm and egg , to see what is going on, sometimes it’s a bit like playing detective to get to the root cause. As a functional medicine practitioner I have access to a wider range of testing than the NHS, Many times though we can do simple things to improve our own fertility.

I have a put together a free guide to help you get started with your journey, click the link to get your FREE copy and start your journey to a healthier pregnancy.

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My name is Karen and I am a Registered Nurse, complementary therapist and health coach, specialising in holistic fertility with the Moonbeam Holistic Fertility Method. I support, educate and guide singles and couples as they go through their journey both naturally, and if required assisted conception (ART), through my integrated approach to fertility that includes coaching, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy and fertility reflexology to help adjust mindset, reduce stress levels, enhance egg and sperm quality or just give a safe space to rant!


Scotland Prestige Awards logo - White P on orange background. Moonbeam Therapies 2022/23 Winner Holistic Medicine Practitioner of the Year
Scotland Prestige Awards logo - White P on orange background. Moonbeam Therapies 2022/23 Winner Holistic Medicine Practitioner of the Year


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“I started working with Karen recently to get some help and support on our fertility journey. The process can be very overwhelming emotionally, mentally and physically so I really needed somebody knowledgeable and friendly. Just from our initial consultation with Karen, I could tell she was exactly who we had been looking for. She talked us through all of our test results, discussed diet and lifestyle changes that would help improve our health and our chances, and looked at us as a whole person, and not just one part of the body that isn’t doing what it should. I very rarely feel so heard when it comes to my fertility journey and Karen made me feel like she understood everything and would do whatever she could to help.
If you’re thinking of working with Karen, just do it! You’ll be in excellent and caring hands!”


“I found Karen over three years ago but only recently started having regular reflexology sessions. My primary concern is fertility as in almost 6 months we are yet to conceive as my periods aren't regular. Prior to sessions I felt a little lost as my GP hasn't been overly helpful but after time with Karen I feel relaxed. Having monthly sessions are like attending a mix of therapy and yoga. If you are someone who recognising they have a physical or emotional need for some attention I'd highly recommend Karen. If you are on the fence about what treatment will do, then please try it.”