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Enhancing Your Fertility Naturally With  The Moonbeam Holistic Fertility Method

Feel guided and supported as you prepare for your journey through conception, pregnancy and beyond.

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Most people trying to get pregnant start with a heart full of dreams and few questions, but as the journey to parenthood takes longer than expected, then the questions and thoughts can start creeping in – Am I a failure? (You’re not!) How does everyone else get pregnant so easily? Why won’t my body work in the way I want it to? I feel let down by my body.

Did you know that women feel this burden more often than men? (but it takes egg and sperm to make a baby) this is partly due to in the past the woman have been investigated far more than the men for issues. But now we know so much more about male sperm and the part it plays in conception and ongoing pregnancy that the focus is now changing to both partners (including if using a donor).

I know you’ve had enough of the rollercoaster of hope and disappointment each month; the overwhelm of conflicting advice and information out there, unsure which sources to trust; you want your relationship to change back to the joyous journey rather than the one that it’s become, a source of tension and stress, testing the strength of bond and communication. You need someone who can provide clarity amidst the confusion and that’s where I come in. I’m here to support and guide you through your journey, help you pick up the pieces and put you back together.

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My name is Karen, I am a Registered Nurse, complementary therapist, health coach and holistic fertility specialist. I support and guide singles and couples as they go through their journey both naturally, and if required assisted conception (ART). Through my integrated approach to enhance fertility and pregnancy outcomes I combine health coaching, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy and fertility reflexology to help adjust mindset, reduce stress levels, enhance egg and sperm quality or just give a safe space to rant!

You may have read lots of conflicting advice on what to eat or not eat, which supplements to take and which ones to avoid, there is so much information out there that it becomes overwhelming, let me help you find your way through that maze.

Friends and family are ready and willing to give you well-meaning advice, it worked for their best friend’s neighbour so it must work for you! I work with personalised protocols, everyone needs something slightly different, we are all unique.

You may not have discussed any of your dreams or disappointments with anyone and no one knows what you are going through and how you are feeling. I provide a safe space to discuss thoughts, feelings and more.

I have taken the information out there and have made it clear and easy for you to follow, allowing you to concentrate on being kind to yourself, reducing the pressure you are putting on yourself to get pregnant and support your relationship.

Once you have conceived, I will support you to have the healthiest pregnancy possible through nutrition, aromatherapy, homeopathy and if local maternity reflexology.

From the first appointment Karen made us feel welcome and reassured. She met with my husband and I to go through our medical history and to discuss any fertility issues we have had.

We had just had a miscarriage and Karen was very supportive and understanding.  She also helped us think about our lifestyle and diet and encouraged me to go for more blood tests, she then fully explained the results of the blood tests which the doctor had not done!

I have returned to Karen many times for reflexology over the last 7 months, this was very relaxing and supported my problems with stress. At every session Karen took the time to chat to me to find out how my husband and I were getting on and I think she offered a great listening ear and some valuable advice.

We are now in a much better place emotionally and physically and I am 20 weeks pregnant. I would recommend Karen to anyone dealing with fertility problems or issues with stress and anxiety as I know she really helped me!


I found Karen over three years ago but only recently started having regular reflexology sessions. My primary concern is fertility as in almost 6 months we are yet to conceive as my periods aren’t regular. Prior to sessions I felt a little lost as my GP hasn’t been overly helpful but after time with Karen I feel relaxed. Having monthly sessions are like attending a mix of therapy and yoga. If you are someone who recognising they have a physical or emotional need for some attention I’d highly recommend Karen. If you are on the fence about what treatment will do, then please try it.



I started working with Karen recently to get some help and support on our fertility journey. The process can be very overwhelming emotionally, mentally and physically so I really needed somebody knowledgeable and friendly. Just from our initial consultation with Karen, I could tell she was exactly who we had been looking for. She talked us through all of our test results, discussed diet and lifestyle changes that would help improve our health and our chances, and looked at us as a whole person, and not just one part of the body that isn’t doing what it should. I very rarely feel so heard when it comes to my fertility journey and Karen made me feel like she understood everything and would do whatever she could to help.

If you’re thinking of working with Karen, just do it! You’ll be in excellent and caring hands!


How you can work with me

There are a few ways to work with me, they are listed below.

Support ranges from a self-study course, if you are just starting out on your journey and you want to get a bit healthier before you conceive.

To full 1 to 1 support if you have been trying for a period of time, have a medical condition that you need support with in order to conceive or are going through ART.

Care, education and support is at the heart of all the programmes to support couples through the journey to parenthood, whether that is through natural conception or ART

Why choose a package?

  • It allows me to provide the right level of professional and personalised support for you.
  • It’s a comprehensive programme to support you over 4 months that moves you forward allowing you to reach your goals in a supported way.
  • Why 4 months? This is approximately the time it takes for an egg and sperm to mature.


Free downloadable ebook - Get Ready for Pregnancy, 5 top tips, picture of lady in a pink dress, holding baby bump in hands, one hand above and one hand below bump.

Get Ready for Pregnancy Course

Coming soon

Get Ready for Pregnancy course

Are you thinking about having a baby and want to prepare your body for pregnancy by improving egg & sperm health with diet & lifestyle advice?

This is the package everyone should take part in before trying to conceive.

Work through the videos at your own pace and if you need more support after completing the course book a free call to get your next steps. 


3D cartoon egg with 3 sperm swimming towards it

If you’re an individual or a couple aiming to conceive and seeking enhanced guidance, support, tailored testing, and personalised advice on lifestyle, diet and supplements, then this level of service is designed specifically for you.

This is tailored for individuals experiencing irregular female cycles, heavy or light periods, PMS symptoms, or for males seeking to optimise their semen health.

Four months of dedicated support and coaching designed for individuals with complex backgrounds or those seeking additional guidance and assistance.

We will work together to –

  • Improve egg and sperm quality
  • Teach you to notice your unique menstrual cycle signs
  • Increase your knowledge of how to track your cycles
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Optimise your nutrition
  • To support weight loss if required
  • Plan healthy exercise programme
  • Find the right supplements for you and your partner
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins
  • Support you through grief and loss

What’s Included?

Initial appointment for both partners together (2hrs)

4 sessions x 60 mins

3 x 45 mins for keeping on tract

Email support between sessions (within office hours)

10% discount on supplements

A selection of fertility enhancing recipes

Hand Reproflexology points

Aromatherapy ‘sniffy’ stick

Access to Get Ready for Pregnancy course 



Pay in 4 £375 per month


For those that would like to be supported weekly through their journey or may have complex issues that require more support and adjustments to their treatment plans.

Initial appointment for both partners together (2hrs)

3 sessions x 60 mins

12 x 45 mins for keeping on tract

Email support between sessions (within office hours)

10% discount on supplements

A selection of fertility enhancing recipes

Hand Reproflexology points

Aromatherapy ‘sniffy’ stick

Access to Get Ready for Pregnancy course 



Pay in 4 £500 per month




Testing can be very important to find the root cause, I have access to tests that you may not have been offered before, by either the NHS or private clinics. Often ‘unexplained’ means that the deeper tests haven’t been carried out. Before suggesting supplements its good to know which ones you really need. I’m a big advocate of testing rather than guessing.

  • Bloods – eg Full thyroid panel, Vitamin D
  • For male – DNA Fragmentation 
  • For male & female –  Oral, Gut, Seminal or Vaginal microbiome
  • Food sensitivity tests
  • Female – DUTCH test

Bloods – You may have only had the basic blood tests via the GP or Fertility clinic. Advanced blood tests show what else is happening in the body, for example you may only have had your TSH and T4 checked but there is more to thyroid function than just these 2 markers. Thyroid hormones play a significant role in regulating the menstrual cycle and ovulation. Imbalances in thyroid function, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, can disrupt menstrual regularity, impair ovulation, and affect the quality of eggs or sperm, thus impacting fertility. By evaluating FT3, and thyroid antibodies we can individualise your plan,.

Vitamin D is also essential for reproductive health, as it influences the production and function of sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, which play key roles in the menstrual cycle and sperm production. By monitoring vitamin D levels and ensuring adequacy through supplementation if necessary, fertility clients can support optimal reproductive function and increase their chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

For Male – DNA Fragmentation test

The sperm DNA fragmentation test is a diagnostic tool used to assess the integrity of DNA within sperm cells. It plays a crucial role in evaluating male fertility, as abnormalities in sperm DNA can impact fertility outcomes and increase the risk of miscarriage or infertility. This test measures the extent of DNA damage or fragmentation within the sperm population, providing valuable insights into the quality of sperm and its potential to fertilise an egg successfully. High levels of DNA fragmentation in sperm have been associated with reduced fertility, poor embryo development, and an increased likelihood of pregnancy complications.

Microbiome Testing – We can test the oral, gut, seminal, or the vaginal microbiome. I would normally recommend at least the vaginal and seminal microbiomes are tested. 

Vaginal microbiome testing holds crucial importance for couples striving to achieve pregnancy as it provides valuable insights into the health and balance of the vaginal microbiota, which directly impacts reproductive outcomes. The vaginal microbiome plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy vaginal environment, including pH regulation, immune modulation, and protection against pathogens. Imbalances or dysbiosis in the vaginal microbiota can disrupt these essential functions, leading to conditions such as bacterial vaginosis (BV) or vaginal yeast infections, which have been associated with decreased fertility and increased risk of pregnancy complications.  By identifying microbial imbalances, we can target the correct treatments to restore vaginal health and balance. 

Food Sensitivity Testing – 

Undiagnosed food sensitivities or intolerances can lead to inflammation, digestive disturbances, and nutrient malabsorption, all of which may negatively impact fertility. Identifying and eliminating problematic foods through testing can help reduce inflammation, improve gut health, and enhance nutrient absorption, creating a favourable environment for conception and supporting maternal well-being throughout pregnancy.


  • Where do the sessions take place? The sessions take place online via zoom, you will be sent the link.
  • Will we get email support between sessions? Yes I will answer simple questions via email in business working hours, more complicated questions we will discuss at the next session, if urgent then we can schedule a session. 
  • Do you do in-person sessions? Yes if you live locally to me and would like to add some in-person reflexology sessions let me know.
  • How long do I have to complete my package? You have 16 weeks to complete the 1 to 1 work, you will have access to companion programmes for a year.
  • What happens if I get pregnant while on the programme? We will continue to work together and the focus will switch to supporting you through your pregnancy.
  • Can I get a refund for any weeks I don’t use? I don’t offer refunds once we have started the programme or you have started watching the companion programme, this is in your t’s and c’s that you signed before starting the sessions.
  • What happens when I come to the end of the package and I’m still not pregnant? We will discuss this in the last session, there will be an opportunity to carry on working with me. 
  • Is this programme an alternative to medical care?  No, I work alongside medical protocols to support you. This programme is not a replacement for medical care, and I will refer you back to your medical provider if anything comes up that requires to be dealt with. I will also refer you to your medical provider if they can provide any tests for free. 
  • Are tests and supplements included in the price? No they aren’t, you will need to pay for these separately. You will get a 10% discount off any supplements. 

While you are waiting to speak to me download this free eBook to get started right away on some simple changes that can help enhance your fertility.

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What will your journey look like as you work with me?

This can be carried out from the comfort of your home over zoom and can allow for the partner to be part of the session if they are not attending for the reflexology sessions.  Our first session together will be going over the comprehensive fertility questionnaire(s) that you have filled in and returned to me before the session. A review of any test results sent to me will also be carried out and feedback given.

Once I have a complete picture then together, we will decide the best treatment plan for you, this will include how often and when’s the best time to attend for treatments, the support you wish for between reflexology sessions.

I will recommend how you can increase the health of both the egg and sperm; this will include diet and lifestyle recommendations known to help, ideas to reduce stress levels and generally balance the body and mind, this will include access to the guided visualisations and relaxation videos I have on my website only accessible to those on a programme.

Moonbeam Therapies and Training - Fertility-April2021_189Fertility (Reproflexology™) reflexology in-person, an hour’s session of foot reflexology to help relax, de-stress and rebalance, using additional Reproflexology™ techniques that support your reproductive system throughout your cycle. Hand reflexology homework will be given when appropriate to continue to help support your cycle between the sessions.

If you are not coming for in-person treatments then appropriate weekly protocols for hand reflexology to support your cycle will be given for you to carry out at home.

Reproflexology™ protocols are specific for ttc naturally or going through ART and change weekly according to where you are in your cycle or treatment programme.

If there are any outstanding test results to be reviewed or new test results obtained, they can be reviewed at any point in your journey.

Support is offered throughout via email (in office times) and at sessions.