Reflexology or Zone Therapy is an ancient non-invasive form of healing. The Chinese, Ancient Egyptians and North American Indians all used a type of foot massage to help heal people, there is a pictograph in an Egyptian tomb showing the practice of foot pressure therapy that dates from 2500 to 2330 B.C.

Reflex points can be found on the feet, hands, face and ears.

As a holistic therapy the whole body is treated not just the symptoms, Reflexology can show areas of the body where there has been, there is currently or potentially an energy disturbance. Observation by the therapist may show discolouration, dryness, oedema of certain areas which may be significant or may not be. Working on the feet or hands with the characteristic ‘thumb walk’ of a reflexologist, crystalline deposits may be picked up. The client may feel as though the therapist is ‘sticking her nail’ in.

When preformed regularly reflexology can help with relaxation, reduce stress levels and maintain well-being. It can help the body to remove waste products and toxins at the same time the circulation in the feet and rest of the body will also be improved.

Conditions found to benefit are constipation, colic, PMS, headaches, sinusitis, skin conditions, insomnia and pain control.

Karen Hooton, your therapist, carrying out reflexology on the feet


Maternity Reflexology

Reflex Lymph Drainage

What to expect at consultations

The first appointment includes a full health consultation to ensure suitability for treatment and that there are no contraindications to reflexology.

Treatments are based in classical reflexology with RLD, pain and limbic reflexology added to the sequence as and when appropriate. 

You will be asked to lie slighlty inclined on the couch and once comfortable only your feet are exposed for reflexology.
Concerned about getting on the couch? Please let me know and we can adapt where the reflexology is carried out if required, also if you can not get up stairs easily please let me know and I will change where treatments are carried out.

Reflexology is suitable and safe from Newborn to Elderly


First session includes full consultation (please allow extra time)

Reflexology (1 hour) £35.00

3 treatments booked and paid for in advance £95.00

Child sessions (30 mins) £25.00

(Child under 16 must be accompanied by an adult)