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Rebalance with Aromatherapy

Help manage your stress, aches and pains with an aromatherapy massage

Feeling stressed, achy, tired and just a little or a lot out of balance?

Help may lie in the ancient art of Aromatherapy massage. We all get stressed, while some stress is needed for us to function, long term stress can have a damaging effect on the body and mind. Stress is not all about the mind, it can lower the immune system, muscles can be stressed by doing the same movement over and over (a repetitive strain) or just holding muscles in the same tight position and not getting a minute to relax, stretch or move.

Working from home is a great idea but sitting at the dinner table to work or an uncomfortable chair can take its toll on your bodies posture and your muscles, leading to those niggling aches and pains. How often do you find your shoulders seem to be up by your ears? Unfortunately, tense necks and shoulders can lead to headaches and pins and needles down the arms, if this feels like you now is the time to do something about it.

Karen, wearing a white t-shirt, is massaging a lower leg of person on massage couch
Karen massaging a ladies shoulders and neck while she lays facedown on a massage couch

Or maybe you just need some time out for you, away from work, the kids and everything general life throws at you?

With over 30 years of experience carrying out massages, I know just how to release those tight backs, neck and shoulders muscles, or you can come for just a relaxing aromatherapy massage. Essential oils when combined with massage work to encourage your body’s own natural healing powers, stimulate your circulation, strengthen your immune system, and can help relieve several conditions including joint pain and reduced mobility, anxiety, chronic pain, menstrual pain, headaches, fatigue and insomnia.

Treatments are personalised with essential oil combinations chosen based on your needs and preferences. Aromatherapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that’s great for everyone.


There are different ways to benefit from essential oils – we can absorb them through our skin with an aromatherapy massage or inhale them as an aroma-alone treatment to help with nausea, anxiety, stress, sleep, menopausal flushes and more. A drop or two on a tissue is all you need, or you can use salt bottles, diffusers or aroma inhalation sticks.

Always use essential oils with caution though as they are very concentrated. NEVER apply them neat on to the body or ingest them. More is not always better, small amounts of essential oils can give big effects.

6 glass bottles, 3 amber glass and 3 clear glass, holding yellow carrier oil. 2 smaller bottles, one with a dropper lid, holding essential oils. One green leaf standing up on its end leaning against one of the jars
Karen carrying out the head massage part of the total chill chi facial on a lady lying on the massage couch

The ‘Total Chill Chi Balance Facial’

Don’t fancy a body massage? But want to be totally chilled out? Then the ‘Total Chill Chi Balance Facial’ is for you.

  • Let me take you through the chill out process –
  • Starting with a cleanse to remove excess oils and impurities on your face, your face is then toned with Rose or Neroli hydrosol to soothe, nourish and hydrate your skin
  • A mask treatment is then applied and whilst it’s working its magic your head is massaged to release your tension
  • The magic chill chi balance happens as the chi points on the face are massaged with an essential oil blend.  The neck and shoulders are also included for total relaxation
  • Finishing with some reiki before you float home


"I started receiving massages from Karen at moonbeam last summer and its the best service I could possibly ask for. Karen is great she takes time to go through everything with you, explains things easily and sufficiently, I would not go passed Karen. I suffer from chronic lower left back and hip pain, sciatica and arthritis. I get the back, neck and shoulder massage every 6 weeks or so and I feel a massive difference in my back pain and left hip pain every time I go. Karen is very professional, kind, caring and considerate and I can honestly say hand on heart I would not go to anywhere else now. Without Karen's help my pain would not have improved as much. Thank you Karen"


"I have a condition which leads to sore muscles and joints so started going to Karen a few years back now. I’ve gone from being completely broken all of the time with little joint movement to now having full range of motion back. I’ve now started to be able to walk further with less hip pain and have been able to do workouts again! To anyone wondering if they should give treatment a go I would say do it. You will not regret it, it’s made a massive difference to my life and Karen is amazing!"

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What to expect at consultations

Before your first appointment you will be sent a full health questionnaire to complete and return electronically to ensure the treatment is safe for you to have. The form asks about your general health and medical issues along with your reasons for seeking aromatherapy treatment. I will check these details and ask you to expand any answers on your first session to ensure I have a complete picture. I will then tailor the session and oil blend to you. When you’re ready and comfortable on the massage table, I’ll begin the massage of your choice – see the list of treatments.

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Your first appointment includes a consultation, so please allow extra time. It’s also a good idea to leave time after your treatment to come back to reality and hydrate before going back into the real world.

Initial Session

£50.00 (Back Massage) or £55.00 (Chi Facial/Massage)

Total Chill Chi Balance Facial

(1 hour)


Back, neck and shoulder massage

(40 mins)



(1 hour)


It is recommended that aromatherapy is carried out every three to four weeks.