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COVID 19 Statement


Covid 19 and other viruses are still present in the community and as a health professional I take the health and well-being of both my clients and myself very seriously. I have put in place guidelines for attending appointments. In order to stay open I must follow guidelines from Scottish Government, my professional bodies and my insurance company.

The most important thing is if you suspect that you have signs of Covid-19, even mild, please DO NOT attend your appointment, isolate if you feel unwell and follow current guidelines. We will reschedule your appointment to when you are better, please drop me a message to say you are unwell. You will not be charged for a late cancellation if you suspect you have Covid-19 or have been told to self-isolate that day. These rules also apply if you have a sickness bug or flu, this is to keep everyone safe and allow me to continue to work. I will also inform you if I become unwell.

Initial consultation paperwork will be sent out electronically to be filled in and sent back electronically before the first session.

From May 2023 you will not be required to wear a face covering/mask unless you wish to and you can ask me to wear one if you feel safer. If you have been in contact with unwell people please let me know and I will wear a face covering.

Hand gel or hand washing facilities are available for you to use.

The bathroom will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Please bring water with you as I’m no longer able to give you any.

I will be cleaning and airing the room between clients and will try to leave space between clients to allow this to happen.

This statement will be updated as rules change in response to infection rates

Updated 18 March 2023

Updated 9 December 2022

Updated 21 July 2022