COVID 19 Statement

As a health professional I take the health and well-being of both my clients and myself very seriously. I have put in place new guidelines for attending appointments. In order to stay open I must follow strict guidelines from Scottish Government, my professional bodies and my insurance company.

The most important thing is if you suspect that you have signs of Covid-19, even mild, please DO NOT attend your appointment. Please let me know, isolate and book a test for yourself. If you test positive please let me know as I will need to talk to track and trace to see what I then have to do, this does include closing and letting other clients know. You will not be charged for late cancellation and I will book you in asap once you are better. I also will tell you if I am unwell.

24 hours before each appointment you will need to fill in a Covid-19 Risk assessment form covering – high temp, cough, loss of sense of smell or taste, new marks/rashes and staying away from home over night and send it back to me

Initial consultation paperwork will be sent out electronically to be filled in and sent back electronically before the first session, this helps limit the time spent in the first consultation. Please let me know if you have or suspected you have had Covid-19.


As you come in I will ask you to use some hand gel.

Please try to use your bathroom before you come however if you really need to go then that’s fine, it will be clean and I will clean it once you leave.

Please bring water with you as I’m no longer able to give you any.

I will be operating at less capacity, so no more back to back appointments, this is because once you leave I am required to clean and air the room before the next person arrives.

Payment Options – My preferred method is by bank transfer before you attend or as you leave, if you wish to pay by cash please put in an envelope and leave it on the side for me, or I can do contactless by the Sumup machine.

Before you leave you will be able to book your next appointment.

Reflexology – only feet are able to be treated at present

Massage – even for back massages, when face down you need to wear a face covering – if this fills you with fear then think about changing to reflexology instead for a short time.